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What is a Vedic Mathematics?

Vedic Maths, has its name derived from the Vedas, four ancient texts written in ancient Sanskrit scriptures attributed as some of the oldest scriptures of Hinduism

• Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics which was discovered by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji in the period between A.D. 1911 and 1918 and published his findings in a Vedic Mathematics Book by Tirthaji Maharaj

• Vedic Mathematics is a set of collection of Techniques to solve mathematical Arithmetics in easy and faster way. It consists of 16 Formulaeand 13 Sub Formulae which can be used for problems involved in Arithmetic, Conics, Geometry, Calculus, Algebra.

• Vedic Maths Techniques have the maths tricks for fast calculation and can be used in exams like CAT, CET, SAT, Banking Exams, etc.

• Veda is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Knowledge’.

• Using regular mathematical steps, solving problems sometimes are complex and time consuming. But using Vedic Mathematic’s General Techniques which are applicable to all sets of given data and Specific Techniques which are applicable to specific sets of given data, numerical calculations can be done very fast.

• Maths can be learnt and mastered with minimum efforts in a very short span of time and can be translated into a playful and a blissful subject with the help of Vedic Maths…….

How Vedic Mathematics is Beneficial?

Vedic Mathematics can definitely solve mathematical numerical calculations in faster way. Some Vedic Math Scholars mentioned that Using Vedic Maths tricks you can do calculations 10-15 times faster than our usual methods

Vedic Maths Tricks: Calculate 10x Faster

1. Multiply a Number By 5. ...
2. Squaring Of A Number Whose Unit Digit Is 5. ...
3. Multiplication Of Any 2-digit Numbers (11 - 19) ...
4. Dividing A Large Number By 5. ...
5. Subtraction From 1000, 10000, 100000. ...
6. Multiply Any Two-digit Number By 11. ...
7. Multiplication Of Any 3-digit Numbers. ...
8. Find The Square Value.

What are the Advantages of Vedic Mathematics?

Speed Vedic Math is a Fun-Filled way to do Math and arises interest in your child.

The child’s Age group for Vedic Maths is from 5th Standard. to College student.


• Much Improved Academic Performance in School and Instant Results. Just see the first exercise and believe it for yourself. Go over the examples given in the tutorials you would be amazed.
• Reduces the burden of remembering large amount of stuff because it requires you to learn tables up to 9 only.
• Sharpens your mind, increases mental agility and intelligence.
• Enables faster calculations when compared to the conventional method. Thus, the time that gets saved in the process can be used to answer more questions.
• Increases your speed and accuracy. Become a Mental Calculator yourself. It encourages mental calculations.
• Plays an important role in increasing concentration as well as improving confidence.
• Cultivates an Interest in your for numbers.
• Acts as a tool for reducing finger counting and scratch work. It is a very simple, direct, totally unconventional, original and straight forward method.
• Develops your left and right sides of your brain hence using intuition and innovation.
• Vedic Math’s system also gives us a set of checking procedures for independent cross-checking of whatever we do.
• Easy to master and apply. You just need the knowledge of tables to learn this.
• Can introduce creativity in intelligent and smart students, while helping the slow-learners grasp the basic concepts of mathematics. More and more use of Vedic math cangenerate interest in a subject that is generally dreaded by children