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An individual’s Success is dependent upon his or her motivation and ability to adapt

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Super Mind Tech is engaged in an educational and self developmental activities has started functioning in the year 2016 at Nagpur.

It is ISO - 9001:2015 Certified ensures highest standards of quality. It is working in the area of educating childrens and improving their Brain Power, Memory (Long term & Short Term), Focus, concentration, Emotional stability to make oneself more happier. It helps an individual to identify his inborn potentials and able to maximize ones brain power. We have highly qualified team who are the key resources of our development programs. Super Mind Tech is having its tie up with various Educational institutions, schools and colleges.

Super Mind Tech Group, it is a dynamic team of professionals from various fields who have come together to spread Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (D.M.I.T.) & Mid Brain Activation (MBA) concept in India. This organization is headed by Mrs. Sangita Yaduwanshi. Team Super Mind Tech is committed for the awareness of D.M.I.T. & MBA at National Level.

We believe that each individual possesses some unique skill which nobody else have in this world. If one can utilize it then oneself can attain a great success in one’s career in terms of monetary as well as satisfaction level.

We truly believe that we cannot force children to study to take participation in Dance or Sports and or in any other hobby. These things come from inside of a person. We help them to know their inborn talents through a new innovative technology Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test ‘D.M.I.T.’

Super Mind Tech had reached to the people in the society through the Print Media like ‘Lokmat’ Newspaper and Audio media i.e. FM media etc. to expand their activities to identify an inborn talents. After getting good response from Nagpur, Super Mind Tech is establishing an educational program activities in different cities of Nagpur and Other cities of Maharashtra State.

Super Mind Tech has started working in the beginning of 2018 in Madhya Pradesh & Chhatisgarh. Here we got very good response from different cities and states. People associated with us an individual and as a team both, together we set the standards for the implementation of the technology the D.M.I.T., Mid Brain Activation and other educational products & services through innovations.

We are continuously improving what we do. Clients can depend on us for implimentation an outstanding technology and service. Each Individual who utilize our services, is attaining a great success in his whole life.

Our Goal is to develop and grow each child in physical, mental, an intellectual and social aspect. So they can use their Multiple Intelligence and use their maximum physical &mental Power to achieve their Vision through a proper Missionand make them more happier.