History of DMIT








In 1960, Dr. Roger W. Sperry and his Colleagues Carried Out a Studies On Left and Right Hemisphere phenomena.

The results of this study later led to Roger Sperry being awarded the nobel prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work with split-brain research in 1981. The study demonstrated that the left and right hemispheres are specialized in different tasks

There is a cross connection between Brain Lobes and two Hands. Left Brain is connected to Right Hand and Right Brain to Left Hand


What is DMIT


Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is the scientific study of fingerprints, Brain lobes and human Psychology.

Dr. Harold Cummins the Father of Dermatoglyphics is the proposer of DMIT.

This test is done with the help of finger prints is used to determine inborn potential.

The theory shows that once a child is born, his fingerprints are completely developed remain unchanged till the end of life.

Multiple Intelligence






Visual Spatial











1.Linguistic =Word smart

2.Logical-Mathematical = Reasoning/Number smart

3.Spatial = Picture smart

4.Bodily-Kinesthetic = Body smart

5.Musical = Music smart

6.Interpersonal = People smart

7.Intrapersonal = Self smart

8.Naturalist = Nature smart

1.Linguistic intelligence (“Word Smart”)

Linguistic Intelligence allows individuals to communicate and make sense of the world through language.

Those who have a keen sensitivity to language in its spoken and/or written forms might demonstrate this strength as Poets, Writers, Lawyers, Public Speakers, etc. Linguistic intelligence is highly valued and rewarded in schools.

2.Logical-mathematical intelligence (“Number/Reasoning Smart”)

Logical Mathematical intelligence enables individuals to use, appreciate and analyze abstract, scientific and mathematical relationships.

This capacity is often harnessed in Mathematical Reasoning and Scientific investigations. Mathematicians, Scientists and Engineers deploy this intelligence at high levels.

Logical-mathematical intelligence is emphasized on and rewarded in schools.

3.Spatial Intelligence (“Picture Smart”)

Visual Spatial Intelligence is the ability to deal with space and distance.

The way a sailor or airplane pilot navigates the large spatial world. This ability is used by Chess players, Sculptors, Architects, Designers, Painters, Artists etc.

4.Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (“Body Smart”)

Kinesthetic Intelligence is the capacity to use your whole body or parts of your body (your hands, your fingers, your arms) to solve problems, make something or put on some kind of production.

The most evident examples are people in athletics or the performing arts, particularly Dancing and Acting.

5.Musical intelligence (“music smart”)

Musical Intelligence is the capacity to think in music.

To be able to hear patterns, recognize them and perhaps manipulate them. People who have strong musical intelligence don’t just remember music easily, they can’t get it out of their minds and it’s so omnipresent for them

6.Interpersonal intelligence (“People Smart”)

Interpersonal Intelligence is the ability to organize people and to communicate clearly what needs to be done, to use empathy to help others and to solve problems, to discriminate and interpretamong different kinds of interpersonal clues and to influence and inspire others to work towards a common goal.

7.Intrapersonal intelligence (“Self Smart”)

Intrapersonal Intelligence is the ability to assess one’s own strengths,weaknesses, talents and interests.

TIt is an ability to use them to set goals and to understand oneself to be of service to others. To form and develop concepts/theories based on an examination of oneself and to reflect on one’s inner mood, intuitions and temperament and to use them to create and/or express a personal view.

8.Naturalist intelligence (“Nature Smart”)

Naturalist Intelligence is the ability to discriminate among living things (Various plants and animals).

This ability was clearly of value in our evolutionary past as hunters, gatherers and farmers. It continues to be central in such roles as Botanist, Environmentalist, Farmers, etc. Love for Nature is something which takes you to stress-free living.

Need of DMIT

D.M.I.T. Helps to find out a solution for development of good health, wealth & happiness.

1.If any child or individual is not responding to his / her parents (or) any other person’s word for good means of life.

2.If you are changing your career again and again due to problem in job satisfaction .

3.If your child is dull or over smart? Become careless, not listening to your words.

4. EMPLOYERS wants better development by their employee.

5.If you are confusing about the study and career?

6.If parents are putting pressure to chose a career.

7.If your family relationship is getting disturbed due to misunderstanding & having frustration .

8.If you are not satisfied with your job, business, relationship etc..

9.If there is a Financial crises lies with you for long time.

10.If you are really searching for an opportunity to a success story .

11.If you need happy life, job (or) Business Satisfaction as per your choice.

DMIT Test for Students

Learning Styles-VAK Theory



• I prefer to see information written on a chalkboard, supplemented by visual aids and assigned readings.
• I like to write things down or take notes for visual review.
• I am skilful with and enjoy developing and making graphs and charts.
• I can easily understand and follow directions on maps.
• I can understand a news article better by reading about it the newspaper than by listening to a report about it on the radio.
• I think the best way to remember something is to picture it in my head.



• I can remember best by listening to a lecture that includes information, explanation and discussion.
• I require explanation of diagrams, graphs or visual directions.
• I can tell which sounds match when presented with pairs of sounds.
• I do best in academic subject by listening to lectures and tapes.
• I learn to spell better by repeating words out load than by writing the words on paper.
• I would rather listen to a good lecture or speech than read about the same material in a textbook.



• I prefer to use posters, models or actual practice and other activities in class.

• I enjoy working with my hands or making things.

• I remember best by writing things down several times.
• I play with coins or keys in my pockets.
• I chew gun, smoke or snack while studying.
• I learn the spelling of words by “finger spelling” them.

• Know your child’s Inborn Talent.

• Identify best learning style for your child.

• Select Activities based upon their innate potential.

• Identify your child Multiple Intelligence.

-> Identify his/her best Learning style & characteristic.

-> Identify his/her inborn talents and weakness.

-> Reduce time and money wastage for irrelevant course and classes.

-> Build up children’s confidence.

-> Improve the relationship between parents & children

-> Give your child happy childhood Life.

-> Know your analytical and creative Skills.

-> Understand your intrinsic Potential.

-> Know your Personal Quotients IQ,EQ,AQ,CQ.


-> Understanding yourself choosing the right Career

-> Identify your best Learning style and Leadership style.

-> Ignite your passion of Living.

-> Invest yourself smartly for personal Development.

-> Identify your EQ-IQ-AQ-CQ distribution

-> Self improvement for achieving your Goal and dream

Career Counselling

What Next after 10th and 12th.? …..How to Choose a Career?


• The career Counselling helps students after 10th and 12thstd. to cope with the changes and challenges in their life by a proper career planning.
• Helps individuals to realize their roles and responsibilities on their own to adjust and adopt themselves in accordance with their strengths and intelligence to the changing technology and processes.
• Strong confidence level is the fundamental requirements in counselling. With careful procedures, the client will have a better chance of improving themselves by promoting self esteem and self confidence.
• The recipients of career counselling will have a Right Attitude and Approach and can find jobs in their proper selected career more quickly and will also have a definite advantage over others.
• The career counselling makes a person to have different ideas about their future and to find the most appropriate career path out of all the options available.
• Career Counselling addresses the issues systematically and finally empowers the individual in taking a right career decision.

Dmit Test For Corporate Employees


Dmit Test for Corporate Employees will help your organization in order to optimize the complete spectrum of human resources processes, from choosing the best candidate to fill up a position towards identifying gaps & focusing training attempts on areas that require development. Dmit Test for corporate Employees could also be used to measure the effectiveness of education and learning and workshops by using a pre & post test of each employees

Human Resource Department (HR)

Find the right Employee for the right Job. Pre-Employments Screening, Know your Employee Personals Potentials IQ-AQ-EQ-CQ. Discover Leadership, Planning and execution Qualities.

Benefits of DMIT Test for Corporate Employees

• Corporate Employeesuse DMIT Report for Pre employment Screening.
• Discover employees’ possibilities, maximizing work efficiency & effectiveness
• Evaluate the current manager’s performances & core competencies
• Know your internal abilities of your employee’s.
• HR training & development based on Employee Abilities.
• Know your employee Leadership Style and qualities.
• Reduce operating cost & maximize corporate value.
• Know your employees’ Personal Quotients IQ-EQ-AQ-CQ.
• Develop an all star employees.
• Find the exact right person for the right job.
• Reorganize the employed pool for high productivity.
• Know your employee Planning and delivery style.
• Improve human resources & customer Relationship more efficiently.
• Entrust your staff member who has got the most potential.